You may be wondering what Dad Hippo did to his son “Last Gasp”

Juvenile delinquency or slaughter is a characteristic feature of many species. Evidently this is a trait that helps to ensure the survival of the energetic. The slaughter of the mother’s offspring is a regular occurrence in the animal world to restore sexual intercourse and to reduce competition for food and shelter.

Final gasp: Behaviour, Mammals class. A days-old hippo was along with his mom in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, when a big bull first chased her, then seized the calf in his enormous gape and killed it. because the distraught mom appeared on.. An event photographed by Swiss photographer Adrian Hirschi.

Also, what most people do not know is that hippopotamus is one of the worst animals on the planet. These animals are capable of killing about 500 Africans a year. The hippopotamus are often attacked by boats that travel along the lakes where the animals live. In 2014 a very unfortunate incident was reported when a boat carrying small school children was killed and about 12 children were killed.

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